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World Watches Charlie Sheen Live Webcast on UStream

World Watches Charlie Sheen Live Web cast on U Stream,Charlie Sheen will going on fire now will talk for the first time since his firing from Two and a half Men: so tonight when he host a live chat with his fans during Sheen Korner on the U Stream.But he didn’t chat with the fans on 10pm.

World Watches Charlie Sheen Live Webcast on UStream

He looks so tired and upset because of fired from Half Men, and Sheen Korner is second installment after a terrible debut as volgger yesterday.And you can say he is the man and as ass of a man to boot his fall from superstar to gutter dweller except he accomplished in one week ,

so on that note let us turn to watch and hear with Charlie Sheen has to say on his self proclaimed in final broad casting on live on U stream.So lets see what will he do about his life.